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Organizer’s Last Statement

By | 2019-06-08

Dear Participants. We do not have any problems with the organization of the European Championships. All matters are going according to our plan. We have been waiting for you at Kruszyn Airfiekd. Please do not believe in any rumors about the cancellation of our European Championships in 2019. Please do contact Marek DOMINIAK (mobile: +48… Read More »

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100 years of the Aero Club of Poland & Honorary Patronage of President of Republic Poland

By | 2019-03-31

We are pleased to inform that Mr. Andrzej DUDA the President of Republic of Poland decided to embrace the Honorary Patronage for all First Class Sports Events organized in Poland in 2019 the year of the 100th anniversary of the Aero Club of Poland.His decision significantly raises the importance of these Sports Aeromodelling Events. We… Read More »

Event Schedule

By | 2019-07-18

Please do find the Event Schedule for downloading. For more information use also direct link: Organizers Documents. Organizers.

Poster & Brochure

By | 2019-07-13

Please do find the Event Poster and the Event Brochure for downloading.For more information use also direct link: Organizers Documents. Organizers

Final Entries

By | 2019-04-27

Please do find Final Entries for Senior and Juniors For more information use direct link: Entries. Organizers

Special Last Minute Offer for Participants

By | 2019-04-17

Especially from July 28th 2019 to August 4th, 2019 has been prepared for all participants of the European Championships. The package includes the accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner – HB) in the Wieniec- Zdroj SPA with a 15% discount. The price for participants is 1,323 PLN per person for a 7-day stay. The… Read More »

Bulletin 1

By | 2019-01-07

Please do find the Bulletin 1 and Preliminary Entry Form (approved by CIAM). Organizers

Facebook Fanpage

By | 2018-11-12

We encourage you to be active on the official European Championships Fanpage. Follow the link: 2019 FAI F3J European Championships for Model Gliders. Organizers


By | 2018-10-01

AERO CLUB of WLOCLAWEK (Local Organizer) and AERO CLUB of POLAND (NAC) warmly invite all NAC’s Teams to participate in the 2019 FAI F3J EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS for MODEL GLODERS for Seniors and Juniors Wloclawek POLAND.